The Rivers and the Sea (Full Book Set)


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The Rivers and the Sea is a gnostic-themed comic written and drawn by Sophie and Celso.

The fallen stars have said it: “You will know her by her rivers and her seas…” From the sharp crags of ferocious mountains–that ruthless, desolate abode to the West–where the sun sets forever again, and fevers sing a howling blasphemy, there the morning’s dew gathers into glacial crystal, and in the cruel months of summer they do melt. Gathering by stream, by spring, by drift, into the tributaries, into streams, into the gnashing rivers far below, and finally, they are gathered up in the East by the warm, swampy, embrace of the sea–dark, pregnant, spiralling eternal, comforting but with uncompromising admonition.

Who will go before the shore to hear what she has to say?

This is the complete book set of The Rivers and the Sea including Books I, II, III, IV, and The Commentary to Book I. 324 total folios plus cover pages, and a full color cover and book belt. 18+ only — contains nudity and sexual content.

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