celso lives in new york and draws comics, when he isn’t drawing he sometimes tries his hand at translating/editing buddhist texts. please feel free to write to him, i’m sure he would love to hear from you!

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sophie has been collaborating with celso on the rivers and sea, as well as other books for over 10 years. she enjoys sipping green tea and aimless wanderings. you can check out her own blogs here:

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as for the tibetan version of the songs of the monastery, celso translated it into tibetan from the original english for fun and also to build conversations with the international tibetan community. since his colloquial tibetan isn’t very good, he received indispensable help from some tibetan friends while editing the final draft. special thanks to karma lhadrön and pema yangla, and also all of the instructors at esukhia in dharamsala, india.

this website was built by sinoun who has collaborated with celso on some projects in the past and also makes awesome zines of her own. be sure to check out her zines and creative projects at anatomic air press.